Etiquette and Deportment Training

Image is the new currency. Perception is everything! Clients Know good stuff when they see one, whether it is a formal invitation or an email of congratulation or condolence,the realities of the moment require that one gives attention to one’s professional, social and personal images because good manners, civility, and etiquette are more important than ever before.Our etiquette and deportment training exposes our participants to the correct and appropriate etiquette, and skills that help them feel calm, at ease and confident in every situation.
Our etiquette class focuses on the following:

  1. Poise and Posture
  2. Dressing Etiquette
  3. Offering Confident Handshakes
  4. Making a Confident Eye Contact
  5. The Art of Introducing Yourself
  6. Giving and Accepting Compliments
  7. Telephone Etiquette
  8. Social Media Etiquette
  9. Dining Etiquette
  10. The ABC of Table Manners
  11. Using Napkins, Silverware, China and Crystal
  12. Being Served and Serving Yourself
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Business Writing

Good grammar and punctuation is an essential skill for anyone in a business environment whether you are producing internal emails,communicating with clients or creating copy you don’t want poor grammar to let you down. Our Grammar and writing workshop are designed to give our clients confidence in their writings and help them avoid common grammatical errors.

Modules in this training include:

  1. Titbit on grammar and punctuation
  2. How to write emails
  3. How to write reports
  4. How to write reviews
  5. How to write newsletters
  6. How to write Press Releases
  7. How to write a Memo
  8. Web Based Writing
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Diction/Elocution Training

It is a fact that an impeccable diction places one on a higher rung on the social ladder. Speaking is fundamental to writing. A person is classified by the way he/she speaks before his/her writing prowess is examined. Our diction training is designed to help our clients achieve clear speech and communicate confidently.

The diction/elocution training focuses on:

  1. English Phonemes (sounds of English language)
  2. Stress – at word and sentence level
  3. Intonation
  4. Aspects of Connected Speech (rapid spoken English)
  5. Clear Speech
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Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is a fundamental skill that every individual must acquire. Our Public Speaking training is designed to help our clients create and deliver compelling presentations.

Our Public Speaking training focuses on:

      1. Types of speeches
      2. Preparation
      3. Presentation

    a) Voice modulation
    b) Managing stage fright
    c) Stage presence and personality
    d) Gesticulation and eye contact
    e) Delivery techniques
    f) Time management

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Effective Business Communication

Coming up with creative ideas is easy; selling them to strangers is hard! When you want to persuade an audience to agree with you on a specific idea, plan, or business case, you must first, understand their point of view because your audience is going to put you in a box (stereotype) within the first 30 seconds of your pitch!

Our effective communication training will expose participants to:

  1. The Art of Persuasion
  2. The Power of Storytelling
  3. Promoting your Ideas to others
  4. The 7C’s of Communication
  5. Listening as a Communication Skill.
  6. Meeting Management
  7. The Art and Craft of Business Presentation
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