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With teaching and facilitating roles in various capacities, Gabriel has built a reputation of an excellent teacher. He is an English teacher, a teacher trainer and a diction coach. He is your go to person for quality and effective trainings in teachers’ productivity, presentation and English diction.


Etiquette and Deportment Training

Business Writing

Diction/ Elocution Training

Public Speaking Training

Effective Business Communication


The presentation was superbly done. The group is awoken from pronunciation slumber and stupor. It is the beginning of good things to come in WASSCE Test of Orals.

Papa Gbadeyan
Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko.

The training is interesting and well packaged. What I like most is the trainer’s follow-up after each day’s training. He makes sure that each day’s assignment was done. Kudos to you Mr K Ejitokun

Chibuzor Ajogu

The presentation was awesome. It was worth it!

Ayode Abiodun
Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko

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