Elements of Effective Business Writing

Business writing that commands attention and can be understood easily is essential for survival in today’s business environment. Business writing can impact on the whole business cycle; it can win business; it can lose business and it can communicate the framework by which results can be achieved.

As an employee, you will be expected to process volumes of available information and shape useful messages that respond to the needs of customers or clients, co-workers and supervisors, and other key business partners. Your ability to produce crisp and effective writing pieces is pivotal to your success on your job.

  1. Impeccable grammar: Grammar refers to the rules that govern a language. It determines what is correct and what is not in any given language. An effective business writing skill requires that your grammar be impeccable. Poor grammar can make you look incompetent and unprofessional.
  2. Appropriate use of vocabulary: One of the major skills required in business writing is the ability to use words appropriately. It could take you a longer time to compose a letter or write a report if you don’t have enough words to capture your message right away. Therefore, the more words you know, the easier it is for your readers and listeners to understand you.
  3. Cohesive Paragraphs: In business writing, paragraphs are not usually very long. It could be as short as just a line and as long as eight lines in some cases. Ideally, a maximum of six lines is desirable. Importantly, however, paragraphs should be cohesive and focused. Use linking expressions to introduce your paragraphs.
  4. Pronoun Consistency: Anaphor is the pronoun used to refer to a word or phrase used earlier. It is important to be consistent with the deployment of pronouns in your writings.
  5. The Rule of Three: The rule of three is a principle in writing that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently easier to understand, appears complete, satisfying and more effective. It gives the sense that you can make your writing effective by building three body points. People find it easy to assimilate messages presented in threes. If you have several parts, you may reduce them into three major segments to make it simpler. Essentially, give a background, present the issue and give a compelling conclusion.
  6. No Cliché: Clichés are words or phrases that have become overused and are no longer effective. They are not grammatically wrong, but have lost their savour or essence in modern writing. They are dead expressions.

An excellent writing skill will enhance your work and contribute immensely to the success of your organisation.