Adapting your Message to your Audience

Communicating effectively begins with the writer’s ability to envision and adapt her message to her audience. Adaptations include focusing on the receiver’s point of view; communicating ethically and responsibly; building and protecting goodwill; using simple, contemporary language; writing concisely; and projecting a positive tactful tone. Observe the following to adapt your message to your audience: …

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Interpersonal Intelligence and Effective Workplace Communication

Communication is pivotal to the success of any organisation because a breakdown in communication in any organisation is a harbinger of failure. Everything revolves around an effective communication. For smooth running of any organisation, leaders must be able to accurately communicate the organisation’s visions and goals, individual roles, core values, deliverables etc. In the same …

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Email Right! (2)

Some business contacts will know you only through your email communication. The tone you convey in your online messages should be respectful, friendly, and approachable. In this article, I’m going to discuss email etiquette. Check mail promptly. Generally, a response to email is expected within 24 hours. Ignoring messages from co-workers can erode efforts to …

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Email Right! (1)

Business writing can impact on the whole business cycle; it can win business; it can lose business and it can communicate the framework by which results can be achieved. The evolution of technology has increased the options of written communication in business sphere, email instant messaging and web communication are some of the written communication …

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